Considering installing a barn door? Be sure to use these helpful tips to get you started.

Interior barn doors are an intriguing architectural accent to add to your home. If you open Houzz or any idea-inspiring remodeling magazine these days, you’ll see that barn doors are used in almost every style of home. That said, not unlike most design elements, there are still some helpful guidelines you’ll want to follow.

Give ‘Em Room to Move

Interior barn doors are a great focal point for a wall, so consider installing one — or even a pair — in a space you want to show off. Interior barn doors work similarly to pocket doors, but they require additional space to slide open. So be sure to install barn doors on unencumbered openings with plenty of adjacent wall space. Try barn doors on an opening to a walk-in pantry along a long kitchen wall, for example. You’ll see it worked extremely well in this space. The pantry can be left open most of the time and closed again easily while entertaining. Sliding barn doors aren’t just great in kitchens, though. They can add an inviting entry to your library, home office, dining room, or game room, while providing the option to close the area off for privacy.

Consider Your Need for Privacy

Speaking of privacy, while barn doors provide a great visual barrier, they won’t, however, shield from light or sound. The track system mounted above the doorway holds sliding barn doors slightly away from the wall. This is necessary for the hardware to function, and has the added advantage of leaving the beautiful hardware visible. However, the resulting gap also means that interior barn doors provide less privacy. So consider carefully before using barn doors for rooms where personal privacy is paramount, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Take Care When Choosing Hardware

If you’re having visions of the traditional interior barn door mounting system — large door straps, open wheels, and all — that’s just one design of many. While the idea of an interior barn door might sound too rustic or traditional for the modern home, these days, there’s hardware out there that can turn a vintage barn door into a minimalist’s miracle. Manufacturers now make hundreds of different styles of hardware for sliding doors, ranging from industrial, decorative, modern, and even hidden-strap styles, to name just a few. Both the type of door and the hardware system come in so many styles, you’re bound to find one to fit your home.

With so many options for layout, style, fit and finish, working with a design professional is always a good idea. An experienced designer will put all the details together to help you to create the interior barn door look that you’ve been dreaming about. It’s a good idea to let your design-build team know early in the process that you are thinking about barn doors as part of your remodel. Then, when you’re ready to take the leap, a professional installer can properly set the doors– with beautiful results.

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