MSDB Carpenters Build a Custom Built-in Entertainment Center

At MainStreet Design Build, we not only design and build gorgeous home renovations, our amazingly talented carpenters will build interior casework for any need. Take a peek at the skill and precision Dwain, Kyle and Damien use to build this beautiful Entertainment Cabinetry. Oh, and they have fun too!


How to Build a Room Addition to Your Home In 2 Minutes or Less!

Of course, it would be silly to think that you can magically snap your fingers and have a gorgeous new kitchen addition, extra living space or a fabulous screened in porch with custom fireplace. However, take a look at the following video to see how easy the MainStreet team of amazing carpenters make this project look. It takes the careful and detailed planning from our creative design department. Then organizing a great field team, managed by our long time project manager, Dwain May, to stay on schedule, on budget and build exactly what our client was dreaming of!


How to Add a Ridge Beam to a 3-Story Home

The main ridge of this 100 year old Pleasant Ridge, MI home was sagging about 3-4” from end to end. From the street view, it looked as though the roof was smiling, hence the construction term, the roof had a smile. While this was disconcerting to the homeowner, they were not sure how to fix this problem. Additionally, they were hoping to add a dormer onto the 3rd floor for a large home office. That is when they called MainStreet.

After a thorough inspection of the home, our design team got to work and put plans in place to add a completely new 32-foot 24-inch tall triple microlam beam into the top ridge of the home. Our construction crew shored up the original collar tie construction in the attic and then opened up the roof to accept the new beam. With the new beam in place, the roof is once again structurally sound and ready for the 3rd floor addition.


How to operate an under cabinet step stool

How often are you in the kitchen, bath or laundry room and realize you are dragging a chair or some other unsteady item over to stand and reach an overhead item?  This is a common occurrence for most people. That’s why your designers at MainStreet will talk with you about accessibility to all of your new storage. A hidden step stool is a great way to keep a secure source nearby and easy to use.  Watch Damien show you just how easy it is to pull out and use this great step stool he installed right in the toe kick of our client’s beautiful new kitchen!


How to build a rafter (in time lapse)

Have you ever wondered how a roof system is put together?  Check out Kyle and Damien skillfully installing the rafter system for the roof of this beautiful new Bloomfield Hills home addition.  The final product will be a vaulted ceiling over a new family room connected to a fabulous new custom kitchen.


How to Install roof sheeting (in time lapse)

Well, if you were excited to see our carpenters installing the rafters on this new family room addition, take a moment and watch them sheet the new roof.  Once complete, this sheeting received 6’ of ice & water shield with the remainder covered in a 30# felt. After that, a beautiful 25 year Heritage Laminated Asphalt Shingle by Tamko was installed to complete the roof.


How to install a bath fan vent

When you walk into your bathroom and turn on the fan, does it occur to you how it was installed, where the steam goes and how far it travels?  At MainStreet we take great care in researching the best route for that new fan to exhaust. It’s very important to keep the run as clean and short as possible to get the best airflow available.  It’s also optimum to vent through an exterior wall in lieu of the roof, at least in Michigan where we get a significant build up of snow on our roofs during the winter. Keeping the heat away from your roof during the heating season is important to avoid ice damming.  

Take a look at how much fun your MainStreet carpenters are having installing this fan into an exterior brick wall.  With proper ventilation, our client’s new bathroom will last for many years to come!


A creative, custom built-in that unlocks a hidden storage room

In today’s tight job market, when you find a great carpenter, you hold on tight.  Luckily we found Dwain May more than 25 years ago and knew he was a keeper! In most MainStreet projects, you will find some custom piece that was built in his shop.  Whether it is beautiful new wainscoting, a gorgeous mudroom benchseat, or custom book shelves, in all likelihood, Dwain had a hand in it.

This fabulous Orchard Lake home showcases his work on all 3 floors.  When the homeowner asked us to come back and finish her basement, she wanted to hide an unfinished storage area, but still have access when necessary.  Check it out and see if you can figure out how Dwain made it work.


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Just a note to commend you on a job well done. We now have our dream kitchen! Your crew was great to work with. They were professional, trustworthy and hard working.
The Johnson Family


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