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30 Years: A History Worth Celebrating

Looking back and sharing favorite memories of
MainStreet Design Build staff


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This year, MainStreet Design Build celebrates its 30-year anniversary. Reflecting on our past and gearing up for a remarkable future, this post honors the 20 current staff members who have helped us achieve this significant milestone. With heartfelt and sometimes humorous recollections, our team shares some of their favorite thoughts and memories, which are highlighted below.

To all of you, thank you for your unrelenting dedication to the quality, safety, and integrity of our business.

Dwain May, Project/Field ManagerDwain M., Project Manager

“Back in 1997 we were a small company with only three carpenters including me. I received a phone call from Steve that morning saying he hired a new carpenter, and he would be at the jobsite that morning. As I was working on the scaffolding on the front of the house installing cedar siding, I saw a beat-up Ford pickup truck pull and out came a guy named Marq Dains. His hair was slicked backed into a ponytail, and he was wearing baggy jeans and a leather full length trench coat. He walked up to the scaffolding and introduced himself. I was laughing inside but figured why not give the kid a chance. We had him move roughly 1200 bricks from the side of the house to the front of the house by hand and had him hand clean them with a chisel and a masonry hammer. I thought for sure he would not show up the next day, but he did. That second day he carried 50 square of shingles up a 40 foot ladder and placed them on the roof so we could get ready for re-roofing the whole house. Again, I thought he would not show up the next day. To my surprise he did show up ready to go on what was next. That employee is still with us going strong and I always look back at that memory because it shows you can’t judge a book by is cover. He still has the ponytail/man-bun going but he is a valued asset to me and the whole company and to this day he is not only a carpenter, but a good friend.”

Kyle R., Carpenter

“I am just really proud to be part of such a great team. Mostly I am grateful for all the lifelong friends I’ve made in this great group of people.”

Marq Dains, CarpenterMarq D., Carpenter

“I have many memories here at MainStreet at what I have to say is the best company I have ever worked for. I have grown and learned so much. To be part of a business that has grown and earned a reputation for excellence over 30 years is truly a blessing. A few highlights in my career at MainStreet include all of the times that clients have gone out of their way to thank me or the team personally. It’s the smiles and appreciation from clients that make our jobs so meaningful.”

“Another highlight of my career dates back to when I first started with the company. An important, yet mundane part of my job, at that time, was to clean brick at a client site. I basically sat on a bucket scrubbing for what seemed like eternity. What made this part of my job worthwhile was when the client’s younger son would come in and visit with me—priceless. It’s the relationships that we build, and the trust we earn, that is important and crucial in this line of work. I am truly grateful being able to call a long list of clients, friends.”

“Thanks for the memories MainStreet! And, thank you Steve and Christine for managing and operating a successful business that is a comfortable place to work.”

“I feel truly blessed.”

Christopher S., ASID, Interior Designer

“For me, during the most stressful, chaotic days, our office ‘fur workers’ know just how to turn a frown upside down. In addition to our office pups, one of the most memorable pieces that I’ll cherish forever are the relationships that I have made with our MainStreet Clients that I know will last forever!”

Bryan Architectural DesignerBryan R., Architectural Designer/Project Architect

“From the first day that I started at MainStreet, I felt welcomed. The first week, I kept waiting for the ‘new guy’ kindness and atmosphere to change, but it never did. And, it still hasn’t dissipated.”

“I have never been in a workplace that was so thankful for what I do, showing appreciation for our work and listening to our ideas, instead of blowing them off. Again, the smiles, laughter, and office banter are more than I could have asked for in a fast-paced ‘design and build’ office. Everyone works so well together.”

“Another favorite memory of mine is the golf outing that was organized for fun. I was great being able to talk with some of the guys that I don’t see often enough. The event helped me get to know everyone who was there a little better. Of course, the laughing and joking was contagious and needed. It was a beautiful day. I definitely see the value of doing more team-building activities. Thank you for allowing me to experience this memorable activity.”

Amy F., Design and Sales Consultant

“My most favorite memories of working here are almost always associated with the entire team working or celebrating together.”

“What immediately comes to mind as a favorite memory is the Pultz job completion party. We were all freezing in their driveway, telling stories and laughing, and feeling the love from the client for a job well done. The Christmas party was another memorable event. We had to move the party to the office and held a White Elephant Exchange in the conference room. I remember it being a hilarious event, especially when I fought Toya for the candles. I also loved Kelly’s rain cloud costume on Halloween. I miss her friendly face.”


“Another fabulous memory was working on and winning the Humble Design challenge! The most fun was when Christine and I ran around the Humble Design warehouse finding the best stuff and then had to guard it. We all kicked butt on that challenge – so creative and fun!”

“Also, even though the move to our current office started out stressful, the entire team worked together to get the office in order. I still smile thinking of Christopher and I sitting on the floor for hours trying to put the desks together – my cabinet door still squeaks loudly when I open it! We obviously lacked some quality control inspection.”

Raffi B., Project Consultant

“I really like overall environment here. Everyone is so welcoming and driven to work as a team. I tend to work on a lot of exterior type projects, which are rather new for me, and Dwain, Rick, Dan and Zack have all been really helpful in explaining how things are built or various products and benefits of their uses. It’s really helpful as learn new things every day.”

Marcelle Beneteau, Architectural DesignerMarcelle B., Architectural Designer

“What stands out to me are the ‘how to’ videos from the field. When I asked the team to show me a picture or make a short video about the built-in toe kick step ladder, they delivered and it was great. Another memorable video was the one produced by Dwain when he showed us how he made a concealed access door at the Lahti basement. We have a very talented team. I enjoy all of the videos that the field team posts.”

Jordan M., Purchasing Manager

“I started working for MainStreet back in March of 2013. Since that time, I have learned so much about home remodels. I have also developed a strong appreciation for the level of effort that goes into each project, no matter the size.”

“Life is filled with challenges and facing adversities. I’ve found that being able to successfully tackle obstacles at work has aided in my abilities to persevere through any challenging situation that comes my way.”

“Being able to say that I continue to learn something new and grow every day at work is truly an accomplishment. As Albert Einstein says, ‘Once you stop learning, you start dying.’”

Eric CarpenterEric R., Carpenter

“I would have to say one of my favorite memories at MainStreet was when I worked on one of Dwain’s jobs, where he put me on a ‘three season room’ trim job all by myself, the first week I was here. I think I even surprised myself. I knocked it out of the park and got great praises from the homeowners and Dwain. I can’t wait to see what else comes my way working with this great, family-run company!”

Raimondo S., Architectural Designer

“As so far as I can say, my thoughts and experience with MainStreet are excellent. I like the communication and help from the team members. There is a great spirit here and a willingness to do things better—always improving. And, my best experience so far is how well everyone treats me, even though we haven’t known each other that long. Thanks for letting me work here.”

Kim McDevitt, General ManagerKim M., General Manager

“One of my favorite memories was when we worked on the Habitat for Humanity – Commerce project. Not only was it fulfilling to assist in coordinating the project but it was also fun to be a part of the build! Spending the day painting a new house is so different from how I typically spend my day. The family was so appreciative of everyone’s hard work. It felt so nice to come together to give back to the community.”

Dan MacDougall, Lead Project DeveloperDan M., Lead Project Developer

“Mainstreet (Mainstreet Restorations and Remodeling at that time) was my first official office job out of college, and I was definitely in the “learning stage” when I started working for Steve and Christine. They both took me under their wings and guided me, as I began my career in the industry. While I eventually moved on, I stayed in touch with MainStreet and helped out on several projects over the course of the next 15 years, until my eventual return in 2016. My fond memories of the early days in my career (except for the hours spent in the ammonia scented blue print closet) are what brought me back to the family that is Mainstreet Design Build.”

Dave Stephens, CarpenterDave S., Carpenter

“Working at MainStreet has allowed me to make lifelong friends and continue learning new skills of the trade on a daily basis. I love the stress-free environment and the friendly faces every morning when I walk onto a job site. Nothing beats the company culture that MainStreet has created and I’m proud to work for a company respected and admired by so many.”

Cindy Lamparski of Main Street Build DesignCindy L., Bookkeeper

“During the time I have been here, we have endured a few challenging situations (the flood being the worst), but one thing we have demonstrated as a team is the ability to overcome any challenge that comes our way. And for that reason, I am proud to be part of the MainStreet team.”

LaToya T., Executive Office Coordinator

“What a great company to work for! It was apparent right from the start that MainStreet displayed workplace values that set a positive culture. Listening to Christine and Steve’s acknowledgment of their employees and reflect on memories of their company over the years, were all displayed, during their speech at my first Christmas party with MainStreet. One month in, I learned that Christine & Steve’s beliefs, resilience, and attitude toward their employees molded the foundation for their company and in return, produced an exceptional workplace environment and team. MainStreet was the perfect start for the reset in my career! Happy 30th Anniversary, and many more…”

Rick Swanquist, Production ManagerRick S., Production Manager

“My time here at MainStreet Design Build has been an amazing experience. I’ve found that MainStreet cares deeply about every client and employee that walks through the door and treats everyone with the utmost respect and dignity. We have grown from a small company to a group that has nearly doubled in my time here, and every new member of our team feels like family. Our company culture is unlike any other company that I have worked with, where the encouragement to grow and learn has never been stronger. Those encouragements are what continues to drive me every day in what and how I manage others around me. I am so grateful for the opportunities that have been laid out to me and our team.”

Zack B., Project Manager

“In the short period of time that I have worked at MainStreet Design Build, I can describe my thoughts of being a part of this team in one word: DIVERSITY. We have one of the most talented diverse group of professionals that I have ever worked with. It is a pleasure coming to work daily and having the opportunity to work with a group of individuals tasked with a common goal.”

Kevin Project ManagerKevin S., Project Manager

“The time I have been at MainStreet Design Build has been great. I feel like it’s a team effort with everyone supporting each other to provide the best job possible to the homeowner. Everyone takes great pride in the job they do. I truly enjoy working with the homeowners to provide the best job possible and to see their excitement as the job progresses through construction.”


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