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Remodeling Through Color

Did you know that the colors you select for your home have meaning and can set mood?  Studies show that color can complement architecture, enhance or diminish the sense of space, create a particular ambience, and impact your daily moods.  Color experts have studied how color is likely to affect you.  Here is what they have found:

  • Blue, universally a favorite, is recognized for its tranquil effects.  However, if too dark or used too expansively, it can have a depressing effect.
  • Red evokes excitement, and is an excellent accent.  Often used in kitchens, it’s felt that red enhances one’s appetite.
  • Green is either loved or heartily disliked, so take care when making this selection.
  • Brown and orange are viewed as friendly and informal colors.
  • Yellow, generally perceived as a cheery color, may make children feel depressed, so use it sparingly.
  • Neutral colors can serve as dramatic backdrops for furnishings, collections, and accessories.

Neutrals also add the flexibility to introduce new colors seasonally with throw pillows,artwork, and other decorative items.

When selecting your colors:

  • Select exterior shades that harmonize with the home’s surroundings—steer towards the earthier shades (i.e. a gray-blue vs. a bright royal blue).
  • Consider the style and era of your home—there might be some traditional colors associated with them—especially with Victorian and traditional Colonials.
  • When viewing paint samples look at chip sizes proportionate to how they will ultimately be used (e.g., if a wall will be painted taupe with a red accent, view a larger sample of the taupe paint against a smaller sample of the red).
  • Less is more.  Don’t overuse a color, especially in a small room.
  • Even though a color may be too strong for an entire wall, consider it for an accent color.
  • Most importantly, select colors that work for you and your lifestyle, not what’s considered “in” or “out” at the time.  But don’t be afraid to color your world—you’ll find it will make a world of difference!