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Q: How Will My Bathroom Renovation Unfold?

A bathroom renovation by MainStreet Design Build. See more photos in the Bathroom Gallery.


Clients frequently ask this question and we’re excited share this summary on how a bathroom renovation unfolds.

A: There are a variety of ways to update and/or remodel your bathroom. An older bathroom suffering from bad plumbing, cracked tile, mold problems, outdated fixtures and finishes is often suited for a complete overhaul. A newer bathroom may undergo aesthetic improvements with fewer structural adjustments and changes.

In either type of remodel, you’ll spend time with a qualified designer who will create plans for your new layout, style, fixtures and finishes and, for a renovation of an older bath, your plan will include cabinetry elevations, tile elevations, lighting design and electrical plans. Once your design is selected, your construction will be mapped out.

In a total or partial remodel, your bathroom will be likely be out of commission for 3-6 weeks, depending on the scale of work. Demolition will be the messiest phase and will be planned with major dust protection to safeguard your home. Also, in lieu of small dumpsters and trailers, new portable “bagsters” offer a convenient and less expensive option for removing the debris from smaller jobs. In a full demolition, the entire room will be gutted down to the existing wall studs, but don’t be intimidated by a gutted bathroom: it’s like a blank canvas for remodelers who will transform it into the space you envision.

When the construction begins, the electrical, plumbing and HVAC will be updated and possibly relocated according to your new floor plan. Next, your room is insulated and then finished with drywall, greenboard or cement board, depending on your final finishes.

Once these elements are complete, other fun changes take shape! New finishes will start to appear, including plumbing, cabinetry, countertops, lighting and final wall finishes. Your designer will be with you all the way, through to the final selections of decorative hardware, colors and even window coverings.

Your spirits will lift as your bathroom emerges from the construction phase and starts to look like a place you and your family can actually use! And, as the space emerges, many homeowners realize the value of the investment they’ve made and understand the potential ROI they may gain at their home’s resale.

Lastly, your project will “round the bend” and be nearly complete as the small details and behind the scenes work gets finished, including the installation of molding and other items.  And, finally, your bathroom is complete and life resumes as normal – only better, as you enjoy your new sanctuary from the world!

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