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Understanding Design/Build Remodeling: The Differences in Project Management

The Fundamental Differences Between Design/Build and Design-Bid-Build

Understanding how design build vs. design-bid-build contracts work may help you better decide the type of remodeling contractor you need—and to find one whose approach suits both your comfort level and your pocket book.

As a follow up from last week, MainStreet Design Build invites you to continue your exploration of these fundamental differences to make a decision that is just right for you.


With this method, the owner has to solicit services for design and construction separately. As a result, the designer/architect and remodeling contractor have no connection with each other until the work begins. The owner is responsible for serving as a project manager between phases, and also as a mediator for any design and construction issues that may occur. This allows the potential for finger pointing between those involved if something goes wrong or project details haven’t been clearly defined.


Throughout the design-build process, the homeowner has a single point of contact regarding changes, questions or concerns. A dedicated project manager is assigned to the homeowner who not only ensures consistency throughout the project, but acts as a mediator on the owner’s behalf. This ensures design or construction issues are handled between the designer, contractor or subs and do not get in the way of meeting a scheduled completion date.

What is your preference?

Do you prefer project issues and resolutions to be solved by yourself or an project manager?

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