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Just getting started (photo taken in May 2013).

A New Addition in Beverly Hills Turns Frustration Into Fab and Function

How long have you been thinking about a luxurious laundry room with tons of space to fold and hang laundry? How often have you dreamed of a doorway that is free and clear of clutter—replaced by a mudroom that conveniently stores your kids’ jackets, shoes, and backpacks? And, what about that large, 7’x9’ functional island in the middle of your kitchen that gathers friends and family for years to come?

Just getting started (photo taken in May 2013).
Just getting started (photo taken in May 2013).

For Ann Murray of Beverly Hills, these points of frustration were the catalyst to a complete remodeling makeover that resulted in new custom kitchen, mudroom, laundry room and third car garage.

“After living in our house for ten years, we thought of moving or building a new home, said Murray. “But, we really didn’t want to leave our neighborhood. With this fabulous remodel, we now have the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood.”

On April 22, 2013, MainStreet Design Build began a 6-month construction project that ended November 1, 2013 with a beautiful 655 square foot addition off the rear of the Murray home. As part of the renovation, a 2nd floor closet was converted into a full bathroom, attached to a child’s bedroom; the formal living room and dining room were opened up to one another with custom columns that coordinated with existing columns in the family room and kitchen; and the front entry stairwell received a complete re-design.

When asked, “What is the single biggest reason why you love MainStreet Design Build?,” the answer was an unequivocal ‘open communication’. “Between their project management tool, Co-Construct, and the crew and staff, we always had an answer to our questions and knew exactly what was going on,” said Murray.


Fab vs. Function

While it is expected to end up with an end result that looks beautiful, it is less expected to be guided through a decision-making process that results in a functional living space that is completely personalized.

“They understood what I wanted, said Murray. “I think it probably helped that they have two kids of their own, so they knew what would work and what wouldn’t.”

“I couldn’t believe the suggestions they came up with that have made my life so much easier,”continued Murray. “I am right-handed, so the dishwasher was placed on the right side.  I now have a laundry sorter, plus there is a folding station so that everything can be sorted and folded before taking it upstairs.  Other perks included concealed outlets in the kitchen, a vacuum closet with shelves for our batteries and light bulbs; and lockers in the mudroom with french doors to conceal our jackets, backpacks and shoes.”


What’s Next?

The Murray family is puttting in a new screened porch this Spring, with plans to share their new living space with lots of friends and family throughout the remaining year.

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