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Introducing Four (4) New Bathroom Cabinetry Suites By Omega Cabinetry

Find cabinetry design inspiration for your next remodeling project in this photo gallery of rooms featuring Omega cabinets. Each suite boasts a different attitude. Each has its own customized retreat. Enjoy! And, let us know if you have any questions or would like to see this collection up close.



1) PASSAGE: This fine cabinetry is clean and casual with beautiful foot and balance options. Ease into this uncluttered, transitional look that works its magic in any setting.



2) SOJOURN: Create a private retreat with this quiet, simple, elegant cabinetry derived from Shaker influences. Observe the lean lines and surfaces, and open, airy designs with leggy forms.



3) PLANTATION: Marvel at the architectural detail of this bathroom collection that offers twelve different options and an array of embellishments, including feet, valances and plinth bases.



4) JARDIN: Plan your great escape with the gorgeous structures of this cabinetry collection. Choose between moulding, beading, pilasters and other lovely choices all that capture European refinement.


Download Omega Product Brochure for more information. Make your escape!

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