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Featured Client: A Bathroom to Finally Love

Our happy clients: they must be thinking about their new bathroom!

Some things take time. For these MainStreet clients, their bathroom remodel had been on their minds for about 20 years. When they were ready to “take the plunge” they called us to overhaul their space and create usable storage.

  1. A brief description of the residents’ home: 
    Our busy family consists of two parents, a senior in high school and a lovable black lab.  We all go in different directions during the day and regard our home as a refuge from the outside world.
  2. What prompted you to remodel?
    For 20 years, we lived with a tiny master bathroom, which had been added by a previous owner under a sloping roof. The room was very dark and uninviting, yet the task of creating a wonderful master bathroom seemed incredibly daunting. We kept putting off the renovation partly because we had difficulty imagining how the space could be effectively remodeled. As part of the remodel, we also opted to correct the limited storage space that had us inconveniently storing linens, towels and toiletries in various closets throughout the house.
  3.  What lifestyle changes or improvements did you hope to bring about through your project?
    We wanted a more tranquil space in which we’d start and end our day; we wanted more organized storage, in the right places.
  4. How long had you been considering your remodel?
    We completed every home improve project we possibly could before we tackled this one, so, about 20 years!Prior to your remodel, did you see friends’ homes where your type of project had been completed? We mainly studied magazines, saw bathrooms in show houses and studied rooms on Houzz.  We wanted a fresh but traditional space, which would fit into our home that was built in 1946.In addition to educating on about new products and finding appealing design elements, one of the best things we did was to consciously observe ourselves as we used bathroom spaces.  During our observations, we considered questions like, “Where was the best place to hang a towel when you walk into the shower?”; “What kind of light did we want in the middle of the night?”; “What toiletries did you want out in the open and how many do you want to conceal?”; “Would this new design accommodate us as we age?”
  5. What were some of the challenges you faced during your project?
    One night, after the roof and the walls of the old bathroom space had been removed, and three layers of protective tarp carefully installed, there was a huge rain storm.  At 2 am, we became very concerned about whether or not we would have rain damage.  Steve came over in the middle of the night, checked it all out, and we agreed that everything was working as designed.  NO water ever came into the space, even with the wild winds that followed in the next several days!
  6. What did you like about remodeling?
    We liked how the entire staff at MainStreet really listened to us and provided a design that accommodated our “must have” list and our “wish” list.  We also liked how MainStreet did not seem fazed by the very issues that had kept us paralyzed.We enjoyed meeting every craftsperson and noticed the pride they took in doing superior work (we were also quite unaware of how many different people would be involved in our remodeling project). We enjoyed the fact that all of the craftspeople did fantastic job of managing the clutter and dust.With our bathroom remodel, we discovered how important it is to pay attention to the details.  Christine was so helpful in reviewing design choices, taking the time to encourage us to see how the fixtures looked and felt, and reviewing how materials looked next to each other. We’re happy to report that all of our thinking was really worth it.

    It’s also worth mentioning how much we appreciate that MainStreet seemed to know that the choice we were SO definite about on Thursday at 4 pm would be reversed and replaced Friday morning at 9 am, just before the order had to be placed! Most of all, we loved seeing the progress: every step from the demolition to the rough carpentry to laying tile and painting moved us closer to our dream bathroom.

  7. What was your happiest moment regarding your project?
    We love experiencing how all features and elements of the newly remodeled space have worked together in the ways we hoped they would.  We are so impressed with the quality of the work and the details and we still can’t quite believe this beautiful and tranquil space is actually our master bathroom.

Wishing you the best remodeling,

Steve Ramaekers
MainStreet Design Build

Office: (248) 644-6330
Email: info@mainstreetdesignbuild.com

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