Design Build

Construction Phase

What is Design Build – The Construction Phase…

In essence, “Design Build” is exactly what its name suggests: The design and build phases of a renovation – traditionally handled by two or more companies – are integrated into a singular project, managed, and implemented by one firm with expertise in both areas. The advantages are significant, including seamless communication between otherwise distinct phases, …

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design meeting

Your Remodeling Project Should Begin with Design

Discover the Advantages of Working with a Professional Designer Welcome to the first blog post in a three-part series on the renovation process known as “Design Build.” Here we’ll focus on the all-important up front design component, followed by the Pre-Construction then Construction phases. We hope you and your family will appreciate the significance and …

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Bathroom Remodeling

Why Now is a Good Time to Renovate Your Birmingham Home

When is the right time to remodel your home? Hearing words like “recession” and “inflation”, people naturally worry about their investments.  But, now could actually be the best time to renovate your residential property.  With the end of the Pandemic in sight, we are seeing improvements in all areas of construction.  Costs are starting to …

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MainStreet Response to the Coronavirus

We are in this together We understand the growing concern surrounding Coronavirus in our community, and our hearts go out to all of those who have been affected. As a family-owned business, all of us at MainStreet Design Build takes this situation very seriously. The health and wellbeing of our clients, employees, and partners are our …

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