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Can You Remodel a Home in the Winter?

Absolutely! Even with the freezing temperatures, dropping fifteen degrees below zero, MainStreet Design Build crew has muscled through some of the most tempestuous weather patterns.


You might be wondering HOW were we able to continue work in such inclement weather. First of all, without the work ethic and determination of our talented carpenters and tradesmen, we wouldn’t be able to.


Secondly, we take special precautions to protect the home during construction—At the beginning of every project, we openly discuss expectations throughout the project with the homeowner, to include dust protection, a designated point-of-entry for our field staff, designated parking areas, location of the dumpster, the portable restroom, etc. During this time, there is a clear and concentrated effort to safeguard areas of the home that are not undergoing construction, whether the homeowners live in the home during construction or not.

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How do you handle fumes and dust when you can’t open the windows?

When a homeowner is still living in the home, we make sure to set up as much of the equipment as possible outdoors or in a garage area. This alleviates a significant amount of dust and debris in the home itself. Fumes from paint and hardwood floor finishes can be toxic, especially during winter months when windows can’t be opened to properly ventilate the room. This is discussed with the homeowner well in advance. In most cases, the homeowner opts to stay in an alternate location for a day or so during this finishing phase.

How do you keep the house or the workers from freezing? During extreme cold temperatures in an open house, our field staff may warm up using a salamander-type heater. We keep the electrical and heat going in the home, even if the homeowner moves out, to operate our power tools and to ensure pipes do not freeze.

How do you avoid interior moisture damage if you’re working on an addition (roof is exposed)?  Each day, our job sites are completely covered from the elements. Large plastic tarps are used to keep rain and snow out of the exposed portions of the home. The lead carpenter on the job site ensures that the tarps are secured properly before locking up the job site  at the end of each day.


Are you considering a home remodel in the winter? Still have questions or concerns? Please feel free to comment below or contact us directly. We’d welcome an opportunity to discuss your remodeling needs.







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