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An already wonderful Bloomfield Hills house is in the throes of a major renovation, and soon to be transformed into a glorious home worthy of an in-progress sneak peek. A project of this magnitude deserves to be documented and shared, and MainStreet Design Build (MSDB) is thrilled to do that in three blog posts covering each respective phase of this exciting remodel: 

Phase 1: Discovery, Design, and Pre-Construction
Phase 2: Construction 
Phase 3: Detailing and Finish

Discovery & Design

The homeowners had a general idea of what they wanted, and partnered with the MainStreet design team to bring their initial vision to life. After considering several design options, the project settled down into a re-design of the majority of the first floor to accommodate additions for a new kitchen, family room, dining room, and primary suite, along with adding to the basement below the new primary suite. 

By the end of 2021, the project shifted from the Design to Pre-Construction Phase, and MSDB interior designer, Christopher, was brought in to set up the client portal and begin the selection process. Christopher also worked closely with the firm’s President, Steve Ramaekers, who  personally finalized all of the design details.  The architectural department then took over and worked through permitting and an extremely complex set of final blueprints.

Sneak Peek at a Major Renovation and Addition in Bloomfield Hills - new rendering

At that point the client’s scope expanded to include a 400 sq ft outdoor living space, complete with fireplace and cooking area, prescribed hardscaping of the rear patios, and creation of a new covered porch. Changes such as this are often common in remodeling as the project starts to come to life.  This is one of many reasons why the Pre-Construction phase is so critical.  Since these belated modifications were identified during the Pre-Construction phase, the design specs had the opportunity to go back to the architectural department for drawing updates and pricing reviews prior to the start of construction.  This gives the client time to understand how their desired changes will affect the overall project and allows the production team time to prepare.


Ordering Selections & Moving Out

While all of these updates were taking place, Christopher started meeting with the homeowner to explore and finalize the plan. They decided that given the project’s expansive scope and its disruptions to the living space, the family would move into a rental home for the duration of construction, at least until early 2023. They also discussed over 200 product selections. 

Sneak Peek at a Major Renovation and Addition in Bloomfield Hills - pencil rendering with new rear elevationEssential selections such as windows, cabinetry, and appliances were chosen and ordered as early as possible. Supply chain issues continue to plague the construction industry: window orders have lead times of up to 30 weeks, custom cabinetry averages 23 weeks, and a new sub zero refrigerator won’t be available until early next year! So they got right to it, no time wasted. 

These unprecedented lead times make it doubly important to partner with a design-build team that works together in a cohesive, vigilant manner. Starting with the end in mind, this integrated team can verify and properly order materials immediately. Seamlessly working together is also a prerequisite for coordinating an efficient and effective construction schedule.

Building a Construction Schedule

While Christopher partnered with the homeowner to finalize every design detail and communicate the plan perfectly to the architectural team, the MSDB Project Manager, Ryan S., has worked diligently on the construction schedule. Not simply an exercise in data management.  Ryan partnered closely with the carpentry team and multiple groups of subcontractors.

Sneak Peek at a Major Renovation and Addition in Bloomfield Hills - scheduleThe construction schedule is much like a complicated dance between dozens of people that is coordinated months in advance. Ryan had to ensure that the right experts were on the job site when necessary, perfectly coordinated with the delivery of every product or material, exactly when needed. The entire MSDB team is involved, from design to purchasing to construction. 

Every price of every selection for the remodeling project was negotiated in advance, and this is the phase when the project manager ensures all selections are delivered to meet the highest expectations of quality, timeliness, and value. The Project Manager was joined by the Construction Coordinator, Ethan L. and Project Developer, Dan K., to ensure that the entire project starts on time and continues to run as smoothly as possible. 

Next Up: The Construction Phase

In our next blog post, we’ll showcase how planning and ordering shifted into actual construction, and how that complex process was managed… 

Sneak Peek at a Major Renovation and Addition in Bloomfield Hills - equipment   Sneak Peek at a Major Renovation and Addition in Bloomfield Hills - renovation in progress

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