Albert Einstein, known for saying a smart thing or two, once observed that “adversity introduces a man — or woman — to him or herself.” Truer words have never been spoken, especially given today’s public health concerns: physical distancing now forces most companies to completely rethink how they do business and service their customers. But the good news is that elite residential design-build teams have utilized “Virtual Design” for years, and are ready to roll.

In a nutshell, “Virtual Design” is the use of innovative digital technologies to enable the interactivity, creativity, and collaboration necessary throughout all design phases of a renovation project without the need for in-person meetings or even walkthroughs. The design team at MainStreet Design Build is thrilled to offer their clients these proven capabilities now when they’re needed the most. Here are a few tools and the methods used to get started today!

Zoom into a Room

virtual bathroom design before and after

Video conferencing has slowly been gaining steam over the years, but the platform has really taken off during this time of physical distancing. For both business and pleasure, Zoom meetings have instantly become the norm in 2020. That makes video conferencing (to meet your designer, work together, and share information) easier and more intuitive now than ever before. You can even use Zoom for completely safe virtual walkthroughs and demonstrations.

Add a Dimension

Virtual kitchen design before and after

Clients are already taking matters into their own hands as far as measuring their homes and sharing data with their design team. The design team at MainStreet uses software such as Hover that transforms smartphone photos into beautifully rendered and fully measured 3D models that can be shared with the entire design team. The tool scans the home’s exterior with great accuracy and removes the guesswork, with a few simple pictures of your property.

Socialize Your Ideas

In-person brainstorming with your designer is fun and productive, but thanks to digital platforms like Houzz idea books, you can keep the creative juices flowing and share countless ideas without having to meet. Already a favorite sharing tool of many designers, these interactive tools enable you and your design team to add notes and like or dislike design examples, concepts, and alternative approaches. Log in, click, tap, and drag, and within minutes start collaborating.

Get Inspired

Online sources for design inspiration abound, including Pinterest which allows you to pin thousands of renovation ideas to your boards. The format is very visual and ideal not only for the typical recipes and photographs but design concepts and best-in-class remodeling examples. Another terrific platform is Instagram, of course, where following your favorite designers is a fun way to collect ideas and share the concepts with your design team.

Take a Virtual Tour

Virtual design bathroom before and after

Having met your designer through a video conference and shared all your great ideas, now the fun begins! Thanks to the best 3D rendering software in the industry, your MainStreet design team will create a photo-realistic digital mock-up of your dream renovation. Using a combination of Chief Architect, Sketch Up, 3D Studio Max, and Oculus Rift technologies, you’ll be given a virtual tour of your home renovation that’s so authentic you’ll feel like you’re actually there!

Partner with MainStreet Design Build

Pablo Picasso, another talented guy, once said: “Everything you can imagine is real.” He was doing great art long before digital tech-enabled the miracles of Virtual Design, but his words ring especially true when your imagination becomes real while working with our design team pros. For over 28 years we’ve been dedicated to creating a luxurious end-to-end experience through personal care and timeless design — now safely brought to life with the help of Virtual Design!

Start a conversation about your home design needs with MainStreet Design Build today!

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