Shifting trends influence our buying decisions in everything from fashion to entertainment, and home design is no different. Sophisticated Southeast Oakland County homeowners recognize a trend when they see one, giving a resounding thumbs up or thumbs down on every aspect of home remodeling, from styles to finishes, materials to room choices. As 2023 comes to a close, let’s feature the top Ins & Outs of home design trends for an exciting remodeling year to come.

Nifty Shades of Grey

What’s Out: Cool Tones

A good rule of thumb for trends is that they cycle. After a home decor is popular for a while, you can count on it eventually trending in the opposite direction. Consider cool-toned grays, which have been all the rage for a decade. At the tipping point, Oakland County homeowners are moving away from once-common pale grays with blue and silvery undertones, and avoiding Benjamin Moore Gray Cloud and Silver Half Dollar colors, and Sherwin Williams Silverplate.

What’s In: Warmer Tones

Home Design Trends in Southeast Oakland County: What’s Out & What’s In for 2024 - Aging in place kitchen remodel Birmingham, MI

Instead of light gray paint and upholstery, discerning homeowners are switching to warmer tones on their walls, finishes, and cabinetry. Earthier gray tones with taupe, greiger, and mushroom colors are coming into style, blending well with organic, saturated interior design preferences. These include darker tones such as deep greens and navy blues for renovated kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and home offices. Avoid gray-on-gray, and embrace two-tone.

Mix Don’t Match

What’s Out: Matching Finishes

Another cycle that’s flipped from one extreme to another is finishes. Once-popular and now out of style, matching similar with each other is already last year. Remodeling into 2024, discerning area homeowners no longer match metals as if they were a jewelry set, such as stainless steel appliances with fixtures and other surfaces. The fresh new approach moves away from matching materials, to instead coordinating them with the overall style of the room and home.

What’s In: Mixed Metals

Home Design Trends in Southeast Oakland County: What’s Out & What’s In for 2024 - Bathroom remodeling mixed metals

Contrasts are the new rage, expressed as exciting combinations of complementary metals. Vivid examples include polished brass with satin nickel, stainless steel and gold, and polished nickel and brass. Being sensitive to warmer undertones avoids yesterday’s stark look, while avoiding colors that clash such as brass with gold is cautioned. Choosing a dominant metal sets the overall tone, and creates a curated feel, while preventing a jumble of too many metallic hues.

Lighten Up Your Living Spaces

What’s Out: Formal Dining Rooms

Before walls were knocked down and open living spaces became the norm, living rooms and dining rooms had their formal, dedicated purposes. Since then, kitchens have evolved into relaxed gathering areas for the whole family to cook, eat, and socialize, while living rooms have blended with dining rooms to create expansive, multipurpose spaces with sophisticated home entertainment systems and even home offices. So the days of fancy dining rooms are over.

What’s In: Multipurpose Informal Spaces

Home Design Trends in Southeast Oakland County: What’s Out & What’s In for 2024 white kitchen, multi purpose remodel in Grosse Pointe Farms

Since great design is an ideal combination of form and function, the best home design trends in Southeast Oakland County for the new year feature casual and often combined living and dining rooms. Warmer paints and contrasting finishes are perfect for this fresher, livelier, and more practical approach, as are furnishings and fixtures that welcome everyday activities, casual weekday meals, impromptu gatherings, and work from home practicality and convenience.

Proper Bedroom Etiquette

What’s Out: “Master Bedrooms”

Avoiding inflammatory verbiage, designers are now calling Master Bedrooms “Primary Suites”. The term is not only less complicated, but more descriptive, as the role of the main bedroom remains central to home decor trends into the next year and beyond. With added comfort and convenience front and center, primary suites featuring warm tones and materials, and bathrooms that have become home health spas pave the way for a luxurious 2024.

What’s In: Layered Lighting

Home Design Trends in Southeast Oakland County: What’s Out & What’s In for 2024 - primary suite remodel in Bloomfield Hills, MIPerfect for your new primary suite and other spaces, a customized approach to lighting is illuminating next year’s home design trend. These feature recessed and always dimmable lighting, with under-cabinet and specified fixture placements. Varied options for task and accent lighting abound, with the goal of creating personalized experiences in bedrooms and throughout your home. Wall sconces, picture lights, and monorails create a fresh, modern look into 2024.

Stained & Fluted

Home Design Trends in Southeast Oakland County: What’s Out & What’s In for 2024 Luxurious Condo Kitchen remodel in Bloomfield Hills, MITwo trends making comebacks in their own right are stained wood cabinets in kitchens, and fluted wall panels there and just about anywhere else. Wood is durable, customizable, and easy to maintain, with variety. Walnut and quarter sawn oak continue to be the most popular, but 2024 is ushering in a resurgence of maple and specialty woods like Rift Cut Oak and Bamboo. Natural finish quarter sawn and rift cut oak adds texture, with walnut mixing perfectly with white and light finishes, such as stone and quartz countertops.

Fluted wall panels with grooves or channels are slick, convenient, and inexpensive. They can be installed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to create a range of different looks. Typically natural wood, they can also be painted plywood, MDF, plastic, or even metal. They are also versatile, and can be used as wall covering, cabinet doors, or to create a decorative border dividing a space, their grooves open or closed. Fluted panels also insulate sound and heat well.

Always In: Birmingham’s Most Popular Design-Build Remodeling Firm

The most popular trends in home decor emphasize a warmer, contrasting, and personalized approach to style, colors, materials, and layout. Taken together, these trends for 2024 are transforming Michigan’s homes into brighter and more functional living spaces for the whole family to informally gather, entertain, and enjoy. MainStreet designers can help you identify the most popular home design trends, and choose the ones best for you and your family.

MainStreet Design Build is a full service, design-build remodeling firm dedicated to creating a luxurious end-to-end experience through personal care, accountability, timeless design, and exacting attention to detail. Voted the #1 remodeler in Detroit and #2 general contractor in all of Michigan, since 1991 their in-house design team, staff of carpenters, and deep bench of skilled tradespeople have made the renovation process comfortable, enjoyable, and safe.

Having produced elegant results that transform remodeling dreams into stunning and functional living spaces, MainStreet Design Build is favored by discerning homeowners in Southeast Oakland County who value a high level of comfort and trust in knowing that their trending remodeling project will be done RIGHT. Browse our gallery of award-winning modern kitchen remodels for 2024, and schedule a virtual design consultation. Let’s partner today!

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