If you are familiar with the concept of a Midlife crisis, you will appreciate the analogy of a Midproject crisis. Similar to questions one might have about where life is going, you may have questions about what your contractor is doing and where your project is going. During this phase, before sheetrock is up, you can expect the important mechanicals to begin. This is where we work on the electrical; plumbing; and heating, venting and air conditioning (HVAC). Progress isn’t as visual, but there is a lot occurring behind the walls or under the foundation.

MainStreet’s weekly meetings with your project manager will keep you informed and ease any concerns you might have during this phase of your remodel—moving you right into the Renewal of your Vows, where you start to see your project come together.


The Four Stages of a Remodel: What to Expect, Phase I—Honeymoon Phase

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