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The 5 Most Popular MainStreet Photos Added to Houzz in 2014

When it comes to measuring what is popular in home design, one of the most reliable, pure tests in gauging people’s quick-fire gut response to what they see. So, when someone saves a photo on Houzz to an ideabook, after browsing through many photos and clicking Save, they are telling us what they like.

With that in mind, we put together MainStreet Design Build’s 5 most popular photos that were added to ideabooks in 2014. The spaces span all genres and rooms: kitchens, additions, mudrooms, laundry rooms, pantries, etc. Which one grabs your attention most?

#1) Voila! The most saved MainStreet Design Build photo uploaded to Houzz in 2014 is a clean, natural integrated laundry room and mudroom.

mudroom picture_500pix

#2) This photo addresses most homeowners’ need for practicality and space-saving tricks in an elegant, functional addition / laundry room


#3) You don’t have to look hard to see why people like this exterior addition photo so much. The tone of green on the siding beautifully compliments the coloration of the brick. A small copper cap above the garage doors and 6” half-round copper gutters finish the look.


#4) The details in this gourmet kitchen won over the crowd. The Plato Woodwork custom cabinetry was also a big draw.


#5) Soft and neutral kitchen colors are also a favorite. This beautiful transitional kitchen was transformed from a traditional 1980’s style kitchen.



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