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2022 Costs to Remodel a Kitchen: A Basic, Mid-Range, or Custom Remodel

After two years of primarily working and schooling from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, you may see things you want to change in your kitchen. For example, you need more food prep and storage space because you’re eating at home more than you used to. And, with kids using the island for schoolwork and you listening in on meetings while cooking a nutritious lunch, you want features that keep you connected. And since we all see the light at the end of the tunnel, we want a design that will stand the test of time. But, you’ve probably noticed that home remodeling costs have risen in the last couple of years. Why is that? Here are a few of the reasons:

  • First, the coronavirus pandemic fueled a historic rise in demand.
  • Second, lumber prices rose as much as 300 percent last year before stabilizing this year.
  • Third, a nationwide labor shortage and new safety measures have backlogged production.
  • Finally, supply chain issues for standard fixtures and appliances continue to slow construction.

“The best way to ensure that these delays do not affect the final outcome of your project,” says Christine Ramaekers, certified kitchen designer and co-owner of MainStreet Design Build, “is to work with a trusted professional with excellent vendor relationships.”  You’re right to think that delays can cost you money. But, according to Ramaekers, “A resourceful remodeling company will utilize up-to-date scheduling software that has the ability to ‘bob and weave’ with the movement in the supply chain.” This type of precise project management prevents those types of budget increases. But even so, you’re probably wondering what a kitchen remodel will cost in today’s market, even with the best professional team. Because of these fluctuations and the many options to choose from, we want to provide you with a budget range you can expect, depending on the size, scope, and quality of materials.

A Basic Kitchen Remodel: $35K – $75K

A minor or basic kitchen remodel is, more or less, a cosmetic facelift. It gives you a refreshed look you can afford on a restricted budget. A basic remodel keeps the layout, plumbing, and electrical in place. Walls remain as they are, and new fixtures are typically stock items. But don’t confuse budget-friendly with low value. According to Remodeling’s 2021 Cost vs. Value Report, a minor kitchen remodel brings a 72.2 percent return on investment if you choose to sell your home. That said, for a basic kitchen remodel, you may choose to:

  • Paint or resurface existing cabinets and add new hardware
  • Replace countertops with standard granite or quartz material
  • Replace plumbing and light fixtures with standard models, keeping their location
  • Purchase new, budget-friendly appliances
  • Paint the entire room

A qualified kitchen designer will help you choose the best materials, fixtures, and color selections so you stay on budget and get the beautifully refreshed kitchen you desire.

A Mid-Range Kitchen Remodel: $90K – $140K

quarts counter tops in Oakland County Kitchen Remodel A mid-to-upper range kitchen remodel is for the homeowner who wants to remove everything and start over. This remodel could include changing the layout and even taking down a non-structural wall. But, anything that requires a subcontractor, like moving plumbing, electrical, or other service lines, won’t be included. To keep the cost within budget, homeowners choose mid-grade cabinetry and fixtures. A local design-build contractor will help you design a new layout and add more storage and work surface. The added budget a mid-range kitchen remodel requires could also accommodate adding upgraded features like touchless faucets, improved ventilation, higher-end appliances, lighting, and flooring. For a mid-to upper-range kitchen remodel, you may choose to:

  • Open the floor plan by removing non-structural walls
  • Replace cabinets with semi-custom options
  • Update the plumbing and lighting fixtures
  • Install new, solid surface countertops
  • Purchase high-quality appliances
  • Include a tile backsplash
  • Install new flooring

A Custom, Major Kitchen Remodel: $130,000+

Custom Kitchen Remodel A major, upscale kitchen remodel brings a 53.9 percent return on investment if you choose to sell your home. According to the National Association of REALTORS Research Group, it will reward you with a Joy Score of 10. And, the choice of quality materials and state-of-the-art components ensure your new kitchen, and the joy factor lasts for years to come. So, to understand where your money is going, know that with a deluxe high-end remodel, you’ll probably choose to:

  • Partner with a professional team to create a working plan
  • Remove or move walls and relocate mechanicals (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc.)
  • Install custom-made cabinetry with specialized storage
  • Install new, luxurious stone countertops
  • Install custom or high-end tile on the floors and walls
  • Incorporate tailored, layered lighting to include room, task, and under-cabinet
  • Add architectural details like crown moldings, built-ins, and fireplaces
  • Connect high-end appliances and fixtures to a smart home hub

MainStreet Design Build, a luxury design-build firm serving the Southeast Oakland County area, specializes in mid-level to custom kitchen remodels. MainStreet’s team of professionals helps you at every stage of the project, from design to completion. They evaluate your current space, share ideas, and develop a plan, always keeping your budget and timeline in mind.  MainStreet’s custom remodeling services include a unique design-build process and job site protective measures to keep your family safe. First, visit our photo gallery for inspiration and ideas on creating your dream kitchen. Then, schedule an in-person or virtual design consultation today to discuss your mid-range or luxury kitchen remodeling project in more detail.

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