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Michael and Natalie Yanosy Biography

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Mike and Natalie’s story begins in 1998, after the birth of their daughter. Following a difficult delivery, Natalie was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy (enlarged and weakened heart muscle). During 2007, Natalie’s health deteriorated. After much prayer and consideration, they decided that it was time for a drastic change and Natalie resigned from her high stress, full time job. They listed their home for sale. “Although we put our house on the market, we ultimately lost it to foreclosure,” Natalie says. “Due to the drastic change in our income, we also had to declare bankruptcy a few years later.” The Yanosys have worked hard ever since to improve their credit and prepare for homeownership once again.

In addition to their daughter Samantha, now 17, Mike and Natalie completed their family by adopting their son Nick, now 14. They welcomed him into their home in 2003. As a family, they enjoy camping, volunteering, and spending time with friends and family. The children both enjoy music and keep busy with their friends and school activities.

The Yanosys living situation is in a constant state of limbo. Currently, they are renting a house from family on a temporary basis. They first heard about the Habitat homeownership program through their Pastor. When they learned that Habitat was in search of a family to purchase a brand new home in Commerce Township, they were thrilled. “We are very excited about partnering with Habitat. What a great opportunity for us to reach our goal of homeownership in a manner that we can afford, while also being able to give back to others.”

It’s been a hard road to come back from, recovering from bankruptcy and losing their home, but as a family, they’ve stayed strong and endured. “Our children have been through so much… dealing with the required adjustments that were needed due to Natalie’s medical issues, losing their home, and moving from one place to another. They will truly appreciate having a real place to call “home” once again.” Natalie would love to have a garden of her own and the children would love to be able to bring a dog into our family. They all really look forward to meeting their neighbors and becoming active members of the community.

The Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County homeownership program is giving the Yanosy family a chance to get back to living the life they’d planned for themselves. “This is such a life changing event for us. Our journey has been a roller coaster,” says Mike. “Natalie’s health has not always been as stable as it is now. We know firsthand how vulnerable life can be. Owning our own home will give us peace of mind and stability. We know that no matter what God has in store for our future, we have a place to call home for our family. What a gift!”

See how this fabulous project turned out, and even watch the Yanosy’s home come together in a fascinating video.

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