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Paula Bekker D.
Employee of the Month - December 2023

Paula Bekker D.

Administrative and Marketing Assistant

Paula joined the MainStreet team as a seasoned professional with nearly a decade of comprehensive experience adeptly handling administrative, clerical, and organizational tasks. In her role, she takes on a wide array of responsibilities, including answering phones, welcoming and assisting visitors, scheduling appointments, conducting on-site photo and video shoots, creating social media posts, coordinating mailings, website updates, and more.

Paula excels both in collaborative team environments and when working autonomously. She is driven by a passion for continuous learning and strives for excellence in her tasks. Her organizational skills ensure that she meticulously plans her work to meet deadlines consistently.

“I’m driven by a daily commitment to be the best version of myself and bring that dedication to my work. With my administrative experience and a background in creative arts, I bring a harmonious blend of skills to my role, positioning me for success.”

In addition to her administrative prowess, Paula holds a PhD in music and often graces both herself and her audience with the melodies of her flute. Paula also shares her musical expertise through teaching. Her preferred way to unwind involves cherishing moments with her family and embarking on exciting adventures with her two faithful canine companions.

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