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Jacob L., CLC

Certified Lead Carpenter

Vital to any remodeling project is a skilled carpenter like Jacob who ensures every detail is completed to the highest standard.

Raised in a family of carpenters that built log homes, Jacob learned how to frame and install siding as early as 15 years old. He furthered his career over the last ten years working on remodels and honing his skills in trim carpentry.

I have a knack for trim carpentry,” admits Jacob. “I strive to cope and miter joints to look like one piece instead of two.


When asked what he is passionate about professionally, Jacob replied, “I really enjoy beautifying a home. I’m big on subtleties, even in framing. I believe that things look good to the eye for a reason. When spaces are straight, square, plumb, and spaced evenly the visual effects produce a calming, visceral reaction.”

For personal enjoyment, Jacob skis, plays disc golf, and enjoys celebrating life with friends. He also loves food. Both Jacob and his wife enjoy cooking together and going out to fancy restaurants. But Jacob’s tried-and-true passion is carpentry—a hobby and his profession.

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