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Kitchen Remodeling

Is your house perfect for you, but your kitchen isn’t? MainStreet Design Build believes in working closely with our clients, upholding our promise to preserve your dreams, work within your budget and see your kitchen remodel project through to completion. That is why we developed a unique three-phased approach to our kitchen design process:

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We begin by listening to your needs and documenting all existing conditions. You are then presented with conceptual floor plan drawings, and we work with you to create a realistic budget for your project.

What You Can Expect:

  • MainStreet Design Build will acquire all necessary information pertaining to the building codes for the City or Township where the work will be performed.
  • Perform on-site field measurements of existing conditions.
  • The Design team will photograph the interior “affected areas” of the existing home.
  • Prepare “as-built” floor plan drawings of the affected areas of the home (As-built drawings are design drawings that document the dimensions and existing conditions of the home where no accurate plans currently exist).
  • Produce “rough” conceptual drawings of the proposed spaces. For this “Discovery Phase”, these drawings will consist of floor plans only. The sole purpose of these sketches are to determine the size, scope and budget range of the proposed kitchen remodel project.
  • Perform a “pre-estimate” on the kitchen remodel project, based on the conceptual drawings to date. This rough estimate is not a final project estimate. It will only be used to determine a project budget range for the “Detailed Design Phase” of this agreement.


From those conceptual floor plan drawings, you receive detailed three-dimensional renderings. Then, we work with you to establish realistic material allowances and provide you with a complete cost estimate for your project.

What You Can Expect:

  • You will meet with our NKBA-Certified Kitchen Designer to assist with cabinetry design and layout, cabinetry style and finishes, countertop materials, plumbing fixtures, appliances, floor coverings, backsplash materials, lighting design and more.
  • Review detailed kitchen remodel design drawings that clearly and accurately represent our ideas for your proposed construction project. All drawings will be to scale and proportion, but will not be usable as working construction drawings. The design drawings include floor plans and kitchen elevations and a conceptual 3-D modeling of the kitchen.
  • Review a detailed cost estimate of the proposed construction project.


This final phase takes place once we have entered into a construction agreement. We start by creating a construction schedule, then proceed with full working permit drawings. You then have the benefit of working closely with us to make your final material selections.

 What You Can Expect:

  • Together we will review and approve a detailed kitchen remodeling agreement.
  • Work hand-in-hand with our NKBA Certified Kitchen Designer to assist you in the final selection of the products that will be used in your kitchen.
  • Introduce you to MainStreet’s web-based client portal, which facilitates open communication about the details of your project.
  • Produce the final drawing sets which are necessary to secure city permits, material quantity ordering, cabinet fabrication, and final construction of the project.

For inspiration and ideas on how to create your dream kitchen, visit our photo gallery.

Or, schedule a free, in-home appointment with a MainStreet certified kitchen designer.