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Three Types of Kitchen Remodels and Their Costs: Cosmetic, Remove & Replace, Custom

Now more than ever, homeowners are spending more time at home, and especially in their kitchens. Beyond cooking and baking more, the coronavirus has changed the way we buy, store and prepare food. We are also re-evaluating every aspect of our lives with a special focus on maximizing health and wellness. This makes us see our kitchens differently, particularly as we’re looking to create an optimal environment for our families to thrive throughout a public health crisis and well beyond.

If you are contemplating a kitchen remodel today or in future, you are likely asking yourself, “what will a kitchen remodel cost in today’s market?” With so many variables to consider, we want to provide you with some answers—a budget range you can expect, depending on the size, scope and quality of materials.

Cosmetic (Basic): $25K – $60K

A cosmetic remodel is your entry-level renovation. If you’re looking to refresh your kitchen but have a more restrictive budget, this would be your choice. A cosmetic remodel keeps the layout, plumbing, and electrical in place. In this price range you would not remove any walls and less expensive, stock type materials are the go-to products. Typical updates include:

● Paint or resurface existing cabinets and add new hardware
● Replace countertops with a standard granite or quartz material
● New plumbing fixtures – basic, same location
● New light fixtures – basic, same location
● New appliances – basic, same location
● Re-paint entire room

Working with a qualified kitchen designer will help ensure you choose the best materials and color selections to get the best “bang for your buck” and end up with a beautifully refreshed kitchen.

Remove and Replace (Mid to Upper Range): $60K – $120K

quarts counter tops in Oakland County Kitchen Remodel

A mid-to-upper range remodel is perfect for anyone finding themselves in need of a more significant upgrade. This type of remodeling generally includes reworking the kitchen layout and may consist of moving non-structural walls. Typically, it won’t involve relocating any plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilation, or air conditioning (HVAC).

By working with a reputable contractor, you should be able to reconfigure your space to accommodate much-needed storage, a new custom island, or update an old layout. With a mid-range budget, you might also have an opportunity to design custom health and wellness features into your space. These might include new touchless faucets, a proper ventilation system, higher-end appliances, upgraded lighting fixtures, flooring, etc.

Mid-to-upper range remodels often include:

● Replacing all existing interior finishes
● Removing walls to open up the floor plan
● Replacing cabinetry with semi-custom
● New plumbing fixtures – wide range of options
● Installing new, solid surface countertops – wide range of options
● Adding new appliances – high quality brands
● Adding ceramic tile backsplash
● Updating lighting fixtures with new lighting plan
● Adding new flooring

Custom (Deluxe High-End): $120,000+

Deluxe remodel interior home

A deluxe remodel is fit for a gourmet chef, and just about anyone who wants an efficient kitchen designed to suit their every cooking need. These modern kitchens are highly functional, architecturally detailed, and custom-designed to every cooking/entertaining requirement. In a high-end remodel, materials and craftsmanship are of the highest quality. No detail is spared. Often top-of-the-line appliances are incorporated into the space and concealed by custom panels to match the rest of the cabinetry. These kitchens are typically larger (either the existing area is large, or it requires building out additional square footage), and often incorporates other rooms into the remodel or even requires a change in ceiling height.

When it comes to designing health and wellness features into a custom kitchen, your options are endless, limited only by your budget. For example, you might consider designing a large climate-controlled walk-in pantry into your space, hands-free or voice-activated appliances, specialty fixtures, or countertop and flooring materials that are more sustainable and non-toxic.

Deluxe high-end remodels often include:

● Extensive space planning to incorporate custom features that don’t currently exist
● Removing walls to open up the floor plan
● Relocating mechanicals (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc.)
● Installing custom cabinetry
● Installing new, solid surface countertops (stone)
● Installing custom or high-end tile
● Incorporating custom lighting options – LED, undercabinet, innercabinet
● Adding architectural details such as crown moldings, built-ins, and fireplaces
● Adding higher-end appliances and high-tech gadgets

As a luxury design-build firm, MainStreet Design Build specializes in mid-level to custom kitchen remodels. MainStreet’s team works with you to develop a cohesive project plan right from the very beginning. Ideas for your kitchen are shared freely and evaluated concerning your budget and timeline. And, as you start construction, every detail is managed for you and with you.

Learn more about MainStreet’s custom remodeling services, unique design-build process, and our job site protective measures to keep you and your family safe during these uncertain times.

For inspiration and ideas on how to create your dream kitchen, visit our photo gallery or visit us on Houzz.

To discuss your mid-range or high-end remodeling project in more detail, schedule an in-person or virtual design consultation today.

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