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Remodeling in the Detroit Metro Area

Like much of the country, metro-Detroit is facing challenges in the real estate marketplace.  Unlike the boom of a few years ago, home sales have slowed.  When homeowners consider improvements and renovations, they are wondering if now is a good time to make a remodeling investment in their home.

Camille Dunn DuBois, an experienced realtor with SKBK-Sotheby’s Birmingham, MI office, says it’s a great time to invest in your home.  “In the current market, I encourage all home homeowners to keep improving their home.  The market is in a state of change right now, and even if you plan to stay in your home, an opportunity could present itself that you would not want to refuse.  Sellers are prepared when they have taken  pride in their home  and continued with renovations and updates. Working with buyers daily, I hear what they are  looking for and they want quality.  Quality home improvements definitely win out over simply updating.  High quality remodels and attention to details do not go unnoticed,” says DuBois.

Even if you plan to stay in your home, making a smart renovation investment is a good idea.  So, what aspects are buyers seeking when searching for a new home?  Ms. DuBois says “The master suite with a master bath continues to be a highly sought after appointment in a house.  The second on the list in my opinion is a remodeled kitchen that opens up to a family room.  Once again, the buyers focus on quality construction, especially when the renovation is done on an older home. These highly sought after older homes have character that buyers yearn for, and the amenities that the modern day buyers need.”

Another point of consideration is the enjoyment experienced while living in your updated home. Perhaps you are happy with your current neighborhood and schools, but long for additional living space, a more functional kitchen or better curb appeal.   Instead of moving to another house, many people are choosing to enlarge and update their current homes.   “Most of our clients have a significant emotional investment in their home and surrounding neighborhood,” says Christine Ramaekers, Vice President and Certified Kitchen Designer at MainStreet Design Build.  She continues, “Our goal is to help our clients realize their dream of staying in  their current home, by creating the space they need for a growing family and integrating the updated amenities they desire”.

It’s clear that although the real estate market place will have ups and downs, quality construction and remodeling are always a good choice.  Whether you plan to stay in your home or are thinking of selling in the future, a quality  investment will offer you enjoyment now and flexibility down the road.