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Our happy clients
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Featured Client: Creating a Space for Friends and Family

Out happy clients: creating additional space was just what we needed!


MainStreet Design Build is excited to announce another new blog series that will showcase a featured client and their most recent home improvement project with us. We hope you enjoy learning about your Detroit metro area neighbors projects and remodeling experiences. We’d love to hear your comments about these projects or your projects, so please share them!

In this post, we’re featuring a basement project completed for a family in Birmingham whose goal was to create a remodeled space that their friends and family could enjoy.

  1. Tell us about the residents in your home:
    “We are a family that likes to entertain.  Our daughter says, ‘We are fun to be around, we are very active and love to play.’  We really are more ‘homebodies’ than not and the idea of having a place entertain family and friends with a focus on the kids was our goal.”
  2. What prompted you to remodel?
    “We have an 11-year-old daughter and, as she grows up, we want to provide the ‘cool hangout’ for her and her friends, which ensures a safe, fun place for the soon-to-be teenagers to have fun. It worked!”
  3. What lifestyle changes or improvements did you hope to bring about through your project?
    “Included in our basement remodel is a new and improved workout room. I hoped that I would want to spend more time down there trying to stay fit! Our daughter and her friends love to hang out in the basement and, when kids come over (and the weather isn’t great), they head straight for the ping pong table!”
  4. How long had you been considering your remodel?
    “We’d been wanting to upgrade our lower level for a few years and, as we firmed up ideas and saved money, it became a reality.” 
  5. Prior to your remodel, did you see friends’ homes where your type of project had been completed?
    “We did, but we like OUR REMODEL better! Based on the age of our home and the space we had to work in (there are no 10 foot ceilings in our basement), the transformation was incredible.”
  6. What were some of the challenges you faced during your project? “We wanted to be able to enjoy the new space before it was complete. Our two cats made their adjustments to the remodeling work as it progressed and I still remember when the egress window was installed, Coco found her way downstairs and sat on the window sill as the work was going on all around her….she wasn’t fazed at all. Or, the day the carpet company came up carrying Coco since she was attempting to walk on the floor with glue!”
  7. What did you like about remodeling?
    “It was great to see the transition from OLD to NEW! Team MainStreet is like no other…creative, friendly, professional. We have done two remodeling projects and both of them were with MainStreet…it’s a no brainer!”
  8. What was your happiest moment regarding your project?
    “Seeing it complete! We love our new space. One of our favorite times is ‘family movie night’, which tends include just the three of us and often happens on Friday nights after long weeks of school and work. We get dinner ready and take it downstairs and it’s way better than the movie theater! We have our own space, a large screen with great surround sound, room to cuddle, a cat or two and a glass of wine……and we smile and say, ‘Thanks MainStreet!'”

Wishing you the best remodeling,

Steve Ramaekers
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